What Is A Vaporizer?

What Is A Vaporizer - Volcano VaporizerSo, got yourself some nice chronic? Do some justice to it and vape it! What is a vaporizer, you ask? Very good question indeed! Ever since we started this little website, we have been getting this question on net and IRL (Yes, we have actual friends too!). So in this little piece we will go over what is a vaporizer, what does it do, and how does it work as compared to your typical spliff?

A textbook definition of a vaporizer is a device in which you can stick your bud or other smoking herb (like tobacco, not recommended!) In the holding compartment, these things are situated at different places by different manufacturers. The vaporizer heats your bud and all your active content, also known as psychoactive elements and becomes a vapor. The vapor looks like steam coming out of a hot water spring or a boiling pot of water. Whyis everyone is moving toward vaporizers rather than rolling dobbies anymore? It’s because of major health benefits.

When you are usually smoking marijuana, most of us prefer a bong, joint or Shisha. All of these smoking methods are proven to be harmful for your health. For decades, the government has been telling us that smoking marijuana causes cancer. This is not entirely true. Marijuana, or the active components in it, has nothing to do with cancer. The problem is in our methods of consumption. The smoke from the joint is not just cannabinoids, but it also consists of 111 known polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are very harmful for us. The only way a joint can release smoke is because of combustion caused by flame. A typical marijuana joint can burn up to 2012° while marijuana starts to combust at 392°, whereas studies have shown at around 338° your bud is more than ready to be consumed.

Now all of that at aside, what if we vaporize our marijuana? You totally should! With all kinds of state of the art vaporizers available in the market at the moment that come with a built in temperature monitor and programmer, you can control the temperature and make sure your bud doesn’t get fried. With that being said, vaporizers are extremely helpful in eliminating all the unwanted polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS) and carcinogens. So while your weed is hotter than the sun in your bong, joint or whatever, a vaporizer will heat your bud gently without a fire or a flame, and when your bud will be at its temperamental sweet spot it’s going to start releasing vapors which can be gathered in a special balloon or directly consumed by the hose provided in some models, or if you are pocket vape kind of guys like us, just suck out of that bad boy and be prepared for the most clean and non-toxic high of your life.

Now that you guys know, what is a vaporizer, what it does, and how does it works, you guys go out there, save yourself some money as the primo models like a Volcano Classic will throw you back a couple hundred bucks. Like with everything else in life, slow and steady wins the race! So, we recommend starting with pocket vaporizers and moving your way up to the volcano vaporizer!