Volcano Vaporizer: The Most Recommended Vape

The Volcano Vaporizer By Storz And Bickel Is The Undisputed King Of The Vaporizer World And We Have Definitive Proof To Show.

It's a proven fact: 'If you smoke on any regular basis then the Volcano Vape will save you more money than it costs to buy.'

Volcano Vaporizer Digit Review

The Volcano Vaporizer Digit was introduced to the world by Storz and Bickel in 2001. Since then the Volcano Vape has completely revolutionized the world of herb vaporization. With an extremely accurate digital temperature control system the Volcano Vaporizer Digit sets the bar for all vaporizer products on today's market.

Using the forced air method, the vaporizer is able to effectively disperse the active ingredients in aroma blends without burning the herb and resulting in harsh vapors. This results in an extremely efficient use of the active ingredients saving a great deal of money and resulting in smooth vapors that are extremely hard hitting. The Volcano Vape is compatible with the all new Easy Valve system as we as the original Solid Valve system.

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"See why 100% Of Customers Would Recommend The Volcano Vaporizer To Their Friends"

"What can I say other than WOW! This is the best tasting vapor I have experienced and resulted in such an elevated feeling. I got the Volcano Digit with the solid valve set and I could not be happier. Not only can you make nine foot bags but they last for so long! I'm truly happy with my purchase and I know it will save me in the long run." ~ Vape13

"I strongly recommend the Volcano Vaporizer to anyone looking to have a healthier lifestyle. The lightweight vapor the bag produces is indescribable. This is such a quality product that does not get nearly the recognition that it deserves." ~ Old Papa

"There are not enough good things I can say about the Volcano Digital Vape. I tried one for the first time the other day and wow did it make a difference. The feeling I got was unlike any other traditional method and the bags were huge. =)"  ~ Easy Vape

"The Digital Volcano is a beautiful piece of machinery and I wouldn't furnish my mancave with anything less. I love using the solid valve set to make massive bags for large groups. Setting the temperature is super easy when using the digital display and the design of the Volcano is stylish. After having this unit, I wouldn't want anything less." ~ King B

"Save up and buy this! After one year of lots of use I have seen the benfits of the easy cleaning with durable screens, bags, and o-rings. The Volcano Vape is fantastic on all fronts and will save you loads of cash on your herb as it is extremely efficient. Save your used blend after vaporization as it still can be used for cooking!" ~ Tvolcano

"This product is perfect for your home! I highly recommend the Volcano Digital Vaporizer to anyone looking for a long lasting, gorgeous, and amazingly high quality vaporizer. You can make your own bags and use it for one person or ten." ~ SpaceCrew420

"The Volcano Vape is awesome. You can load a good amount into the bowl and you can fill a couple small bags or one BIG bag. I love Volcanos and this makes a good piece for home use - especially if you don't like your lungs feeling rough." ~ 420Everyday

"Any vaporizer you use after the Volcano will be a disappointment. This is the absolute top vape in the industry. Start here and you won't spend years wasting money on other inferior products. You will never regret purchasing the Digital Volcano." ~ Zag48

"This machine is by far and away the best vaporizer on the market. Easy to use and works as advertised. Quit reading these reviews and buy one already!!" ~ Rick
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What Your Volcano Vaporizer Package Includes:

"Each Volcano is built by hand by a small German company using top-notch parts. It's got a classic design to it that will make you want to leave it out rather than hide it in a desk drawer. But that's not why you buy it. You buy it because it gets you high really well. The Digital Volcano Vaporizer is the ultimate king of all paraphernalia." ~ Gizmodo

Volcano Vaporizer Digit Includes:

  • 1 pc. Volcano Vaporizer Digit
  • 2 pc. Volcano Vaporizer Air Filter Set
  • 1 pc. Storz & Bickel Custom Grinder
  • 1 pc. Volcano Vaporizer Operating Manual

Solid Valve Set Includes:

  • 1 pc. Volcano Valve
  • 1 pc. Volcano Mouthpiece
  • 1 pc. Volcano Filling Chamber
  • 1 pc. Volcano Filling Chamber Insert
  • 6 pc. Volcano Screen Set
  • 1 pc. Volcano Balloon Hose Set
  • 1 pc. Volcano Liquid Pad
  • 1 pc. Volcano Balloon Clip
  • 2 pc. Volcano Balloon Ring Set
  • 1 pc. Volcano Cleaning Tool

"Frequently Asked Questions"

How do I use the Volcano?

The VOLCANO is turned on by activating the red switch. It is allowed to preheat 3-5 minutes. The material is put into the Filling Chamber and placed on top of the VOLCANO. The Valve Balloon is attached and the green switch is activated. The balloon fills with vapor in 30 seconds to 1 minute, and once filled, the green switch is pressed again. The Filling Chamber is disconnected from the Valve Balloon and removed from the VOLCANO. The Mouthpiece is attached to the balloon and the vapor is applied.

What are the uses of the Volcano?

The VOLCANO creates a convective stream of hot air that heats the flavors and aromas of material and creates a vapor (like steam, not smoke) that is captured in a heat resistant balloon. The VOLCANO is used for aromatherapy, culinary, and mixology applications

Is the Volcano easy to use?

The VOLCANO is very easy to use. The simple design allows a novice to become an expert in no time. Most users master the system in less than 10 minutes. There is manufacturer support, so if you do have questions, you can get them answered quickly. Checkout the quickstart guide to see how easy it is.

What determines the vapor quality in the balloon?

The proportion of aroma, flavor and material is key to the vapor quality in your balloon. It is best to use quality material in limited quantity in the VOLCANO to achieve best results. Pay attention to how well the material is ground.
You can optimize the amount of vapor released into your balloon. Pay close attention to the following factors: 
Quality: The concentration of ingredients in the material. Quantity: The amount of material in the filling chamber. Surface Area: The finer the material is ground, the greater the surface area and the more vapor can be released. Temperature: The higher the temperature, the more vapor will be released at once.
Use only the optimal vaporization temperature for your material. Be careful with increasing your temperature too much too soon. Excessively high temperature could make your material taste and smell more roasted.

Can the Volcano burn what you put into it?

No. The VOLCANO operates at temperatures below the combustion point at which material burns. This is confirmed by laboratory results indicated not carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide is generated. To ensure user’s safety, we have adjusted the controller so that critical air temperatures above 230°C (446°F) in the filling chamber cannot be reached.

What is the best temperature setting for the Volcano?

Because of the many applications and broad range of user preferences, there are many appropriate temperature settings. Use the plant list as your reference. Select your temperature as low as possible to start to avoid over roasting you material. Incrementally turn your setting up or down dependent on your preference.
You can easily determine the appropriate temperature setting by observing the vapor generated in your Valve Balloon. The setting is perfect when a fine, white mist is seen. If you see vapor which is barely visible, you will know that either the temperature is too low. Thick, very dense vapor may be unpleasant to apply.
The VOLCANO ensures that the ingredients of a material are released gently in the balloon. This allows you to repeat your vaporization with the same material in the filling chamber. You can reuse the material in the filling chamber several times until all flavor and aroma is completely released.
The flavor has little to do with the effect. Flavor inducers such as volatile essential oils vaporize much quicker than other ingredients. The initial flavor vanishes after the first few procedures, but the effect is undiminished. Flavor always depends on what you put in your vaporizer. The vaporizer does not influence the flavor in any way.